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Help Stop Medicare Cuts to Peoples with Disabilities

Help Stop Medicare Cuts to Peoples with Disabilities


Help Stop Medicare Cuts to People with Disabilities

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Unless Congress takes legislative action, the Medicare program will implement major payment cuts to Complex Rehab wheelchair accessories. 

The good news is Congress is considering legislation to stop the cuts.  But the only way it will get passed in time is if Members of Congress hear from enough people that they must take action after elections.

It’s very easy to help, go to www.access2crt.org  This website has been created to share information regarding Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) and provide resources and tools to promote and protect access for people with disabilities.  Email and/or call your Members and tell them they need to pass legislation THIS YEAR to stop these cuts.  

Unless Members of Congress hear from constituents across the country, these cuts will go into effect and hurt the people with disabilities who depend on Complex Rehab wheelchairs.

Thanks for taking action today and please share with friends, family, and others to encourage them to join in the outreach. 


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