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Durable Medical Equipment

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Providing Quality Durable Medical Equipment

At BLACKBURN’S, we’re passionate about providing first-class durable medical equipment to our customers. That’s why we carry durable medical equipment from leading manufacturers in the industry. From bathroom safety and wound care products to wheelchairs and home accessibility products, we have something for every need.

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Meeting Your Unique Needs

Our professional customer service representatives are the first to answer your call when you order durable medical equipment and the first to respond to a faxed order! They help you skip the stress of paperwork as they’re experienced in working with all major insurances and help qualify the customer for insurance reimbursement by obtaining the required documentation from the patients, physicians and/or clinicians.

They’re experts in all types of durable medical equipment and help physicians determine the best equipment for their customers. We don’t leave you hanging. Our expert staff trains you and your loved ones on the safe use of equipment and help troubleshoot any problems. We ensure that our durable medical equipment is meeting your unique needs.

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