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Add Comfort & Safety to Your Home

Home is where you feel safe and most comfortable. But is your home equipped to accommodate your changing mobility and accessibility needs? Whether you’ve sustained an injury that affects your mobility or you’re just getting older, simple things like sitting in your favorite chair can present unexpected challenges. But with a lift chair from BLACKBURN’S, you can feel safe when sitting and standing in your home. Our lift chairs are available in several different colors and fabrics to match the style of your home. Browse our full selection by clicking the button below.

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Lift Chair FAQs


What is the difference between a lift chair and a reclining lounge chair?

While they may look similar, lift chairs offer more functionality to users than traditional recliners. Lift chairs are designed to aid the user as they sit and stand. Whether you’re sitting or standing, the chair provides you with assistance and does most of the work to allow you to sit or stand gradually. This greatly reduces your risk of falling and sustaining an injury.

How do lift chairs work?

Lift chairs are operated mechanically using a simple remote control. Even the most basic lift chair includes a remote control that allows the user to raise and lower the chair as needed. For example, if the chair is in an elevated position and you want to sit down, all you need to do is lean into the chair and use the remote to lower the chair. Likewise, when it’s time to stand, just make sure your feet are securely placed on the ground and use the remote to raise the chair.

What are the benefits of a lift chair?

Lift chairs offer several advantages to both the user and any caregivers in the home. Among these benefits are:

  • Taking the work out of sitting and standing
  • Making patient transfers easier for nurses and caregivers
  • Reduces swelling by allowing you to elevate your feet
  • Many styles are available to match your home’s décor


Who would benefit from using a lift chair?

To start with, anyone can use a lift chair. You don’t need to be aging in place or recovering from an injury to enjoy the functionality and comfort offered by lift chairs. But most often, people who would benefit from a lift chair include:

  • Individuals aging at home who want to maintain their independence
  • Users with a short-term need who are recovering from injury, illness, or surgery
  • People with circulation issues that can cause painful swelling and edema

Will Medicare cover the purchase of a lift chair?

Medicare can cover a portion of your lift chair purchase if you meet certain requirements. These requirements include:

  • A prescription from your physician stating your need for a lift chair
  • You AND your physician completing this medical necessity form to demonstrate your need for a seat lift mechanism

If you meet these qualifications, Medicare will pay up to 80% of the cost of the motorized components of the lift chair. Please remember that Medicare can only cover the costs associated with the chair’s lifting components, not the full chair. Medicare does not provide coverage for fabric, cushions or any specialized components.