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Lift Systems For Homes With Multiple Levels

Many people experience changes in their mobility that impacts their life at home. Whether you’re a senior that’s aging in place, or someone who has sustained an injury that impacts your mobility, getting up and down the stairs in your home can become more difficult. A stair lift is the perfect solution to make it safer for you to navigate the stairs of your home. Simply sit down and strap in, and the lift carries you up and down the stairs. BLACKBURN'S offers stair lifts that can be customized to your home. Browse our current selection by clicking the button below.

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Stair Lift FAQs


How do I use a stair lift?

Using a stair lift is not complicated. In fact, they are designed to be easy to use for both the person sitting in the lift, and caregivers that may be providing assistance. If you are using the stair lift, follow these steps:

  1. Sit down on the stair lift seat.
  2. Put on your seatbelt and make sure it is securely fastened.
  3. Press and hold the rocker switch, located near the armrest.
  4. To stop the stair lift, release the switch.

Make sure that stair lift has fully stopped and that you can safely exit the lift after you’ve stopped and unfastened your seatbelt.

Who should use a stair lift?

Stair lifts are a good option for anyone who is experiencing limited mobility and doesn’t feel safe going up and down their home’s stairs without assistance. Good candidates for stair lifts include:

  • Seniors wishing to age in place
  • Individuals recovering from an injury
  • People who need to use mobility equipment like a walker, wheelchair or mobility scooter

Will Medicare or my insurance pay for a new stair lift?

Medicare and private insurance do not cover anything related to purchasing or installing a stair lift in your home. If you have a Medicaid policy from the State of Pennsylvania, please call us for further details about what may be covered. If you have questions about any insurance coverage related to purchasing and installing a stair lift, please contact your local BLACKBURN’S office.

Can a stair lift be installed in my home?

All the stair lift systems offered at BLACKBURN'S can be customized to match the layout of your home. To make sure you have the stair lift you need, you'll need an in-home assessment. During this assessment, exact measurements will be taken to know which components will be needed for your home’s stair lift. The staff at BLACKBURN'S can perform this in-home assessment and handle all the steps of installing your new stair lift.

What types of stair lifts can I choose from?

BLACKBURN'S knows that you need a stair lift that can be fit to the unique design of your home. To ensure that you have a stair lift that meets your needs, we offer options that include:

  • Straight stair lifts for staircases that go straight up and down
  • Curved stair lifts that can be tailored to curved staircases
  • Heavy duty stair lifts that can support weights up to 600 pounds

All the stair lifts we offer are made by Harmar, one of the most trusted names in home accessibility, and are built using materials of the highest quality.